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Guitar • Mandolin • Banjo

I started this weekly series of arrangements of fiddle tunes for flatpicking guitar in April 2020 as a way to give myself a focus for my practice. Maybe it could do the same for you!  You can follow the series on my instagram. Tab is available for each arrangement here if you fancy giving any of them a try, or why not take a look at my new Patreon site where you can get access to all the tunes, tabs and more!

Sweet Marie - Charlotte Carrivick - Guitar
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GOOD NEWS! If you've enjoyed the #flatpickoftheweekseries you can find all of the tunes and tabs on my PATREON site for as little as £3.60. By becoming a patron, you gain access to all the previous tunes and tabs, plus intermediate versions of each one. For higher level patrons you can find: backing tracks for all new tunes; lessons on how to play each new tune, as well as how to approach playing a rhythm part; bonus lessons on various flatpicking techniques and even personal video exchanges. 

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